Know-how for Decentralized Energy Supply, Power-to-X and Smart-Grids

Our know-how covers the conceptual design and integration of decentralized energy supply systems, being aware of the requirements of digitalization and software management systems for smart- and micro-grids. The integration of so-called power-to-x technologies, such as power-to-heat, power-to-gas and power-to-mobility, enables a holistic energy supply that can be reliably planned and controlled according to individual requirements and global conditions.

Prosumer and Power-to-X as Innovative Market Role

With our energy management systems, we enable a secure, clean, and low-cost energy supply. By upgrading consumer to the prosumer market role, energy procurement can be optimized and self-generated electricity can also be stored and marketed in an efficient way. The integration of decentralized storage systems enables a high degree of energy self-sufficiency and self-supply. The optimized integration of generators, electrical loads, and storage systems thus facilitates electricity network operation and various ancillary services can be provided. Our digitized energy supply solutions are designed to pursue a systemic approach. We think energy supply holistically and with an open mind to different technologies according to the customer needs.