Charging Infrastructure

Our services in the field of charging point development and operation cover the entire project development, starting with engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) up to the operation and billing of the charging point infrastructure (CPO). Our services in charging infrastructure development include planning and approval procedures with the local grid operator, construction planning and implementation, and commissioning of the charging infrastructure. The charging infrastructure operation includes the billing of the charging infrastructure with the customers and the regular execution of maintenance and inspection work.

Construction. Commissioning. Operation. Billing. EPC. CPO.

Energy Management

We offer customized software solutions for complex energy management systems. Forecasting renewable energy supply, dispatching storage deployment times and load shifting potential are our means to integrate power-to-x technologies into supply planning and to save costs.
Our energy supply system is based on the deployment planning of generators, storage units and consumption, taking into account current market price forecasts. The deployment planning within intelligently controlled networks or “smart grids”, based on the electricity, space, and process heat demand, enables the reduction of energy procurement costs and CO2 emissions, while increasing self-consumption.

Procurement. Power-to-X. Dispatch.

Charge and Load Management

Our charging management solutions include the implementation of local load management systems, taking into account the individual driving profiles of the users of electric vehicles. The intelligent charging management system enables the avoidance of load peaks and of violations of the power bands, which are usually subject to energy supply contracts. In addition, electricity purchase costs can be reduced through charge operation planning, based on forecasted electricity prices and the anticipated grid load.

Our services include planning and designing the charging infrastructure, procuring and installing the hardware, and integrating the charge points into existing or newly designed smart and micro grids in conjunction with a customized energy management system.

Peak-Shaving. Utilization-Factor. Load-Shifting. V2G.

Software Development

RenErGate software development covers the entire spectrum, covering data identification and interaction description, process and requirement analysis of the logical and physical design models as well as programming and integration of the databases, API, and user interfaces. We offer complete front- and back-end solutions tailored to specific software application requirements.
The product range covers requirement engineering and analysis, software design and implementation, and final integration testing. The software development is handled according to the specifications of our project management system, but can also be carried out as agile project management according to the customer and project-specific requirements.

UX-Design. Webentwicklung. App-Entwicklung.

Grid Integration

Based on our expertise in modeling, analysis and simulation of power systems, we enable the conceptual design and modeling of your generation, transmission, distribution and industrial networks. The models and simulations are created in ©PowerFactory and can be included as part of the grid connection study as well as in the grid planning and approval process for the grid connection.
Our experience in cooperation with the Brandenburg University of Technology and numerous network operators allows for a straight-ahead grid connection planning. In accordance with the time schedule and our integrated project management, a smooth project progress is guaranteed.

Load-Flow. Grid-Connection. Power-Factory.

Project Management

As part of our efficient time and resource management system, we are able to take on project management and ensure timely and efficient implementation of our projects, including large-scale and multi-scale-projects with numerous partners and stakeholders. For the implementation and documentation of PM, we use the well-known tools and methods, such as SCRUM, Waterfall Model, Kanban, and V-Model, which have proven themselves for all our projects.
Direct communication with stakeholders as well as transparency and precision are the guiding principles of the planning, execution, evaluation, and documentation of our projects. We place particular emphasis on comprehensive and efficient project reporting. The projects are conducted according to the specifications of our project management system, but can also be carried out as agile project management according to the individual customer requirements.

Agile. SCRUM. Waterfall. Kanban. V-Model.